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Programs & Pricing

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Train Like Thor ($20/month)

You get access to multiple programs:
1) Train Like Thor: all of the training that I do everyday
- A basic olympic lifting program to go along with your Crossfit program
-An overall strength program that goes along with your Crossfit program you already do.
(Training can range from 5-6 days a week with a mandatory rest day).


Personalized Program ($150)

This Program is specifically designed for "the athlete." If you're goals are to compete at a higher level in your sport, this is the program for you. I invest my time into your goals to see them through.

  • 1 month of Individualized Workouts

  • 20 Minute Phone Consultation

  • Weekly E-Mail Check-In

  • Nutrition advice

  • unlimited video analysis

  • 1 Free 1-on1 training session/month

  • My time and investment in you as an athlete

I find it is better to have training partners and hop into class workouts (even if it’s a different version) at your gym to still be one with the community. Also, depending on how coaches and the owners want the gym run, some people aren’t allowed to do their own thing. So I have two ways to make this happen and you can tell me what you want to do.

I can use your gyms class WODs but adjust each workout for weight, reps, and setting specific goals for them or create an entirely new plan. I would also write specific warm ups, an extra strength, metcon, skill work, or accessory depending on the day and in accordance with the class workouts. I’ll have you video some movements so I can see what I need to help you correct with different drills and exercises. Depending on your schedule it could be broken into 2 sessions some days or will take 90 min at the least up to 2 hours but I can modify that based on the time you have to get everything done. You can drag anyone you want into doing the extra programming it just won’t be directly written for them.I will write your workout schedule based on your needs and expecations. 5 days/week workout, 1 day active recovery, 1 day full rest. If you travel for work or need 30 min workouts because your schedule is busy and thats all you can fit in, this is the program for you. I make any necessary adjustments to keep you on the right track for your goals. I will consult you with nutrition advice as well to make sure your goals are met! Email me to get started:

*no contract

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9 week strength Program

This is the strength template I used growing up to get as strong as I am today. If you are stuck and can't hit a new PR or you just want to get stronger in general, then this is for you.

- 4 days of strength training per week

- 1 day of active recovery

- This will take 90 min- 2 hours to complete

- Guarantee strength improvement with this program if followed correctly

There is a reason it is only 4 true days of training. You body HAS to recover and this template will put your muscle to the test!

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